New Album Out Now - "Together" by Flint Blade & Honeydew

In Love Records presents the new release by Flint Blade & Honeydew, Together.

The self-produced, five-song EP features the Chapman Stick/clarinet duo exploring their musical realm  ever more boldly, defining themselves anew through sonic moments captured in time.

Lyrical, beat-driven grooves give way to psychedelic soundscapes and flowing instrumental pieces, striking a careful balance of composition and improvisation.


Together is available now in the form of a digital download as well as on CD and 12-inch vinyl record packaged in a beautiful full-color sleeve and jacket, all printed on 100% recycled paper.


Listen for free and order the record at

Together on vinyl is a split-release with Flint's electronic reggae studio-project Dub I Sketches of Dub EP. While Sketches of Dub has its own separate CD release, the two EPs fit nicely together on either side of a 12-inch vinyl.


Listen to Sketches of Dub at

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